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Amazing Coffee Shop: Pro Gallery


What a cute little coffee shop in Upper Buena Vista! If you love coffee this is the place to be! The ambiance is GREAT, the barista is very knowledgeable and friendly. 

This coffee shop serves amazing authentic Honduran coffee. I walked in and the barista (Dieter) was so welcoming and talked to me about the Honduran coffee farms (they actually get the beans from their own farm in Honduras).

They have a bunch of coffee drinks, fresh and delicious pastries (my favorite was the almond croissant), and some bags of coffee for you to purchase as well. I had an almond milk latte (it was DELICIOUS), an iced latte with almond milk (also amazing), the croissant, and last but not least a ham and cheese bun (it was SO tasty).

They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the daily specials are a good option if you're not sure what to order or you need something to grab and go. 

Outside of the coffee shop, there are some tables and chairs so you can relax and enjoy the ambiance and music in the cute courtyard.  

I visit them with my fiancée and we really enjoyed it! the service is excellent, the coffee is freshly roasted by them, pastries are delectable and we definitely recommend it!  

We would definitely be back for an afternoon pick me up to stroll around the shops and have a good time at this amazing and cozy place. If you are in Miami it is a MUST to visit them!

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Amazing Coffee Shop: Pro Gallery
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